• Eagle Delivery service
    is a renowned company, established in the year 1994. Eagle Delivery service having a group of experts, knowledgeable personnel’s helping its clients for expanding INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS good college, in terms of PRODUCT LAUNCHING, PERSONNEL RECRUITING and always holding a view to provide services to our customers. Eagle Delivery service at time assists its customer for consolidating its valuable cargo at an economical prize. We are equipped to handle large volume and diversity of cargos. Our association has an extensive Network across the World, with which we are able to provide the services across the World swiftly, efficiently and on time.
  • Our philosophy is shared by all our employees. The goodwill and solid relationships that we have built with our clients are our assets. The renowned quality of our import, export and transportation services has very much contributed to our success and our reputation. We provide comprehensive services to the customer around the world through quality logistics solutions.
  • Since the establishment, we have made concerted effort in the expansion of our logistics business in coordinating with every kind of logistics scheme throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and South China by Land, Ocean and Air. Our business is not limited only to the Indochina region. The worldwide network of our group and that of our associates allows us to perform in the international business, catering to our clients needs through the coordination of harmonized multimodal transportation from & to Thailand.
  • We employ highly skilled professionals and have operations in some every field. We value and promote this diversity to leverage all the strengths and capabilities we have in our organization. Our employment practices and way of working are guided by several internal and external principles. Our Code of Conduct describes and reinforces our commitment to collective agreements, internationally recognized ethical standards and practices, and compliance with applicable national laws.